Global Cross Legal

About Global Cross Legal

Global Cross Legal was borne out of a desire for smaller, nimble, focussed law firms to be able to compete in an international marketplace.

Whilst there is no widely agreed definition of small business, it is typically regarded across Asia, Europe and North America that less than 250 employees is a Small/Medium business. These organisations are the bedrock of any countries' economic activity.

Where do we, as law firms, or you as customers go, when we need cross border help, that truly understands our needs at a price point that is affordable?

The answer was not clear, until now.

We have identified a number of like minded firms and formed Global Cross Legal to address this need. Our members all get the way small business works. They all:

  • operate to the highest ethical standards.
  • have significant experience in working in their own countries with dynamic organisations to help them achieve good outcomes.
  • are committed to working collaboratively across borders.
  • are staffed by qualified professionals led by experienced lawyers.
  • are highly regarded in their own backyard.
  • would like to help you.

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