Strengthening and Developing Client Relationships

Representatives from Global Cross Legal gathered to further explore business opportunities in China with a visit to Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Shenzen, Beijing and Fujian in January - February 2015.

In the previous 6 months, Global Cross Legal have engaged in approximately 20 China-related opportunities. We are engaging senior industry leaders with high calibre and willingness to enter into dialogues.

The client opportunities and referrals are growing and we are keeping our eyes firmly set on our Vision.

Hong Kong

GCL Liau, Ho & Chan Lewis Holdway Lawyers

Visitation to Liau, Ho & Chan Solicitors Office at Central, Hong Kong
(L-R) Fred Chilton, Paul Martin, Eric Tan, Alasdair Morrison, Hugo Chan, Michael Chin, William Loo.

GCL Hong Kong Lewis Holdway
Visitation to the Sam Tung Uk (Chan Ancestral Museum) at Tsuen Wan

Deheng Lawyers, Shenzen 

GCL Deheng Lawyers Wang Li
Madam Wang Li (Global Managing Partner, De Heng Lawyers) with President Xi Jin Ping


GCL Deheng Lawyers Wang Li
Madam Wang Li (Global Managing Partner & Founder De Heng Lawyers) on stage with Alasdair Morrison in a kilt!


GCL Deheng Lawyers Global Cross Legal
Madam Wang Li, Senior Leaders of Deheng Shenzen with Global Cross Legal Representatives (Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom, Hong Kong)


GCL China Council for Promotion of International Trade
Meeting with Chairman Tao of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) at Futian


GCL CCPIT Grace Liao
Global Cross Representatives with Managing Director, Ms. Grace Liao, of Deheng Lawyers Office at Futian, Shenzen


Global Cross Legal International Law
The older parts of Shenzen which would be demolished and developed in the next 2-5 years


GCL Deheng Shenzen Global Cross Legal
Strategic Collaborations between GCL & Deheng Shenzen


GCL Office Luohu Shenzen
Location of Global Cross Legal’s Office in Luohu, Shenzen (Deheng Legal Service Centre)


Official Opening of Global Cross Legal Shenzen
Official Opening Ceremony of Global Cross Legal Shenzen



GCL Director General of Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau
GCL’s Visitation to the Director General of the Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau


GCL Lunch with Westward Movement
Lunch with “Westward Movement” Christian Leaders (Anti Bribery Approach to Dealing with Government Officials)


GCL Deheng Beijing
Visitation to Deheng Lawyers’ Office at Beijing Financial District

Client Referrals

GCL Gerald Perara Lewis Holdway Lawyers
Meeting at Kuala Lumpur with Gerald Perara, & YTL Corporation – opportunities in cross-border power, cement, utilities, infrastructure


GCL Deheng Lawyers
Meeting at Shenzen with Managing Director of Sunway Hotel – opportunities in sale & development of property

Visitation to Client – 4WD Manufacturing Co Ltd, Fujian


GCL Visit to Design Facility
Visitation to the Design Facility & Showroom with Mr David Chang and Staff